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The Cleveland Clinic Center for

Dr. Brian Gastman from the Cleveland Clinic discusses melanoma, a skin disease that tends to go untreated and can become serious. Learn how here is the potential for skin cancer to be prevented. more

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The sun doesn't just damage your skin, it can also harm your eyes, no matter what time of year. Learn some tips on how to better protect your eyes from sunshine and hear from a local pro. more



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Dr. Ivor Hill, the chief of gastroenterology and director at the Celiac Disease Center at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, talks about pediatric celiac disease an how it's more important than you may realize. more

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Dr. Andre U Aguillon, a physician based in Toledo, talks about the benefits of a restful sleep and how sleep disorders can affect all health aspects. more


With the #MeToo Movement, the medical world is making positive changes to better understanding and listening to patients needs. Learn how this movement is also helping trauma-informed care. more


Learn how cataract surgery was a success for a patient of Dr. James Schumer, founder and medical director of ReVision LASIK and Cataract Surgery throughout central Ohio. more

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University of Toledo

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Dr. Ravi N. Samy is a Neurotology and his research in neurofibromatosis type 2: tumors is vital in helping those with hearing complications. Learn more about his research and how this Cincinnati-based doctor is making a difference. more

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Empathy and technical skills are vital in the professional world of anesthesiology, and these two resources can then help patients who are going through painful procedures. Learn more about the topic here from a local pro. more


Keep up with the latest state legislative initiatives in health more


The American Cancer Society updated colorectal cancer screenings to 45 years old. Dr. Darrell Gray II with OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center talks about how this change will be met with controversy but how it will have lasting benefits. more


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Keepsake Portraits

Dr. Andre Gilbert, a board member for Findlay Surgery Center and former president of the Ohio Urological Society, talks about the no-needle/no-scalpel vasectomy procedure. more

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Dr. Francois Bethoux from the Cleveland Clinic talks about his research on integrating art and music into the world of medician and how it can have lasting effects on patients. more


Paul S. Kingma, with the Cincinnati Children's NICU, talks about his work and In utero surgery, which can help babies even before their first breath. more


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