Lydia Freudenberg

Dr. Francois Bethoux from the Cleveland Clinic talks about his research on integrating art and music into the world of medician and how it can have lasting effects on patients. Read more


Dr. Andre Machado, chairman of the Neurological Institute at the Cleveland Clinic, answers some questions about deep brain stimulation, including what it means, how it works and the long-term effects. Read more

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Dr. John Gabis loves working in a smaller community where he can potentially create immediate effects for a healthier future. That’s why he chose to practice in Chillicothe. Read more



Kamala Tamirisa

The Heart of the Matter: Heart failure is a rising issue in the U.S., and recognizing the symptoms and altering lifestyle choices may mean the difference between life and death. Read more

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Dr. William Salt of IBS & Gut Microbiome Solutions in Columbus offers his expertise on stomach problems big and small. Read more

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Photo courtesy of OhioHealth

A true visionary | From Olentangy Eye & Laser Associates in Columbus, J. Geoffrey Allen, M.D. clears up some questions about cataracts, retinal tears and detachments, and also gives his expert opinion on how to keep optic health optimal. Read more

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